J3 Competition’s creation was inspired by the willingness to provide the best services and products within the Karting industry.  Since its inception in 2005 , J3 Competition has captured ultimate victories and championships on and off the race track while simultaneously redefining the mean which the industry is judged by.

An efficient warehouse and office space of 5,000 sq./ft. located in Erie, Pennsylvania  (USA) allows for the company to effectively service a large portion of North America.  In addition to its Erie location, J3 houses its COMPKART activities in a secondary 5,000 sq./ft. facility in the Midwest (USA), thus giving a quicker response time in order to meet client needs across the world. J3 Competition successfully arranges daily UPS/DHL/Fed-Ex shipments and LTL shipments whether they be domestic or international on a five day aweek basis. These demands along with its Distribution Services, Race Department, and Customer Service requests are delvierables J3 Competition can be counted on no matter what the condition calls for.

Since the inception of its ownership in 2005, a critical aspect en route to reaching its goals has been the continuous development of technical and service platforms in order to accurately provide the correct mix to its clients, which to this day stands above the competition. Present day, J3 Competition’s Race Department alongside its many engineered components are seen visibly WINNING races around the world and are also available for the general public’s purchase.  This is an uncommon commitment of transparency set out by J3 Competition which is another bright spot hoisting the brands reputation.

Forward moving with the aim of taking its unparalleled knowledge and brand recognition to new heights, J3 Competition successfully took a monumental step in 2015 with the CIK/FIA homologation of its very own chassis line– COMPKART. A revised and bold color scheme underscoring the company’s commitment is ushering in a new age, thus leading to another milestone for J3 Competition and the North American Karting industry. A true flag bearer of professionalism with clear objectives to produce the  best performing chassis and correlating service platforms is well underway at the newly enhanced J3 Competition. Unchanged ownership is assisting J3 Competition into the future with a strong aligned vision leading toward the advancement of its CIK-FIA homologated COMPKART chassis line.  With a progressive and strong approach, COMPKART has taken the world with numerous victories as it is recognized as the fastest growing chassis line in the world.  COMPKARRT stands for Performance, Quality and Reliability much like its parent – J3 Competition.

With constant progression, J3 Competition is one of the world leaders with its homologated COMPKART chassis line in addition to the distribution of winning products such as (SKF Bearings, MIR Raceline, Unipro Laptimers, RK) as well as its value-added services.  Take a look around this informative and commerce driven website and join one of J3 Competition’s social networks to keep up-to-date on the latest news, specials and product updates.


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